On The Trail Report: Big Bear Forest Fest

For the 18th year running, the Inland Empire 4 Wheelrs (IE4W) hosted their popular Forest Fest on June 19-21, 2015 in Big Bear, California. The event is held every year on Father’s Day weekend and this year was the biggest one yet.

big-bear-forest-fest-04Jeepers and offroaders from all over the region came to the Snow Valley Resort to enjoy the sights, sounds and trails around Big Bear Lake in the San Bernardino National Forest. Forest Fest is a very popular event that sells out early every year. More than 400 registered Jeeps, trucks and SUVs were signed up for organized trail runs that took trails such as John Bull, Gold Mountain, Dishpan Springs and Holcomb Creek. Over 1,000 spectators are estimated to have attended the vendor show and ride along in the registered vehicles.


Fabtech sponsored the event and jumped on the trails with everyone else. The Friday trail run took Fabtech and the others on the John Bull trail, heading from east to west. John Bull is considered the most difficult trail in the area and is not for stock or mild vehicles. Fabtech’s Jeeps, a 2015 JK Wrangler Unlimited and a 2005 LJ Wrangler Unlimited, handled the trail with ease. Both Jeeps have Fabtech’s Crawler Kits installed, using Dirt Logic shocks. The 2015 JK has Dirt Logic coilovers front and rear while the LJ utilizes Dirt Logic coilovers in the front and traditional coil with a smooth body Dirt Logic shock in the rear. On the second day of the event, the Fabtech team took the Jeeps on a mellower run with the crew from Redlands Motorsports on Gold Mountain trail. Though not as tough as John Bull, Gold Mountain has plenty to offer. Multiple stair step sections, fallen trees and tight switchbacks make it an exciting trail to run.


big-bear-forest-fest-05 Many companies came out to sponsor the event and partake in the Vendor Display on Friday and Saturday of the event. Customers and Industry friends of Fabtech helped make for an enjoyable experience. 4 West, Redlands Motorsports, Rebel Offroad, Magnaflow, sPod and Poison Spyder are just a few of the other companies in attendance. All of the sponsoring companies donate to the huge raffle that IE4W hosts on Saturday night. Lift kits, tires, bumpers and all sorts of other things were up for grabs if you had the right number on your raffle ticket. All proceeds of the event and extra raffle ticket sales go to helping IE4W keep the trails maintained and open to the public.

 The Big Bear Forest Fest is a “can’t miss” event. Fabtech will certainly be there again next year and we hope to see you there too. For more info, head to www.ie4w.com.




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