Dirt Logics On Jeeps

Fabtech has been building offroad suspension systems since 1989, right here in southern California. In that time, Fabtech realized the need for a specialized offroad race style shock that was not a universal piece. The Dirt Logic line of shocks came about so consumers could have shocks and coilovers that were specifically tuned to their vehicle, right off the shelf.

dirt-logic-225 Since then, the Dirt Logic shock line has exploded across the product offerings from Fabtech. Ford, GM, Dodge, Toyota, Nissan; all of them get to benefit from rebuildable race style shocks that are designed to work perfectly with their Fabtech suspension system and are valved exactly for their vehicle. Jeep is no exception.

dirt-logic-25-resi  Across nearly the entire range of Jeep products, Fabtech’s Dirt Logic shocks can be included. The traditional coil and shock applications use a 2.25-inch diameter shock body and the Coilover systems utilize a 2.5-inch body. The majority of the competition uses a 2.0-inch diameter body in their systems. The larger diameters of the Dirt Logic shock bodies provide better cooling and extended use. The stainless steel bodies, aluminum reservoirs and NitroSteel shafts make for a nearly indestructible combination.  Hand built in Chino, California, the attention to detail when built is unsurpassed.

Get over to the Jeep section of www.FabtechMotorsports.com and see what you need to take your Jeep to the next level. No messing with shock tuning, no calculating spring rates, just high performance parts designed with your rig in mind.



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