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Fabtech’s 2016 Moab Easter Jeep Safari Experience

Now that the dust has settled from an amazing week in Moab, Utah for the 50th anniversary Easter Jeep Safari, it is time to reflect on the adventures. Every year, thousands of Jeepers from around the world congregate in what some call the mecca of the Jeep lifestyle. On every trail, on every road and around every turn were more Jeeps. Just about every Jeep was represented. Restored and modified Jeeps of every model year, Jeepsters, Cherokees and Wranglers were abundant. Continue reading Fabtech’s 2016 Moab Easter Jeep Safari Experience


TDS 2016 – Fabtech On The Trail Report


Winter is fading and Spring is just around the corner, that means it’s offroad event season! Fabtech is jumping in full force. Hot on the heels of King Of The Hammers, Fabtech refueled their rigs and headed out to the southern California desert for the 54th Annual Tierra Del Sol Desert Safari.

Held the first weekend of March every year, the Tierra Del Sol Desert Safari (TDS) is the largest of its kind in California. Hundreds of vendors and thousands of people flocked to the Truckhaven and Ocotillo Wells region outside Palm Springs, California. For 2016, the event is a little bit different. Due to a flat tailed horn lizard and a potential land closure, the BLM would not issue any event permits for the region. The Tierra Del Sol 4 Wheel Drive Club would not give up, though. A deal was struck with the West Shores Marina on the nearby Salton Sea coastline and the vendor arena was laid out. The public lands were still open for all attendees to offroad as they pleased, though the event could not have any organized trail runs. The TDS organizers put together a massive raffle for the people. More than $165,000 worth of products were raffled off. The proceeds go to helping keep these lands and trails open.


The new location worked out very well. A large graded section of land made for a smooth vendor layout with plenty of space. Spectators came from miles around, some from other States as far as New York. Fabtech pulled out the stops and set up a large display. Two of the Fabtech Jeep JK Wranglers were twisted up on ramps to show their capability and make for easy suspension viewing. Rolling displays, complete with faux beadlock wheels, were set out with Jeep and truck components to show the range of products the company offers. And of course, Fabtech staff was on hand all weekend to answer questions and talk about the ever expanding Fabtech product line and innovations.

tds-05Ocotillo Wells and Truckhaven both have a lot to offer to offer. Long washes that stretch for miles, steep hill climbs, rock crawling and scenic drives gives campers a multitude of wheeling options. The two Fabtech JK Wranglers are running a 4 Link Crawler™ Long Arm Suspension and both performed amazing. The black JK sits at 5-inches of lift with Dirt Logic Coilovers at all four corners. Dynatrac differentials and 39-inch BFGoodrich Krawlers on Ultra Beadlocks allowed it to take anything that was thrown at it. The silver JK sits at 3-inches of lift and uses Dirt Logic Coilovers up front, coil springs and Dirt Logic 2.25 shocks out back. With Dynatrac differentials and 37-inch BFGoodrich Krawlers, it was also unstoppable. The 4 Link Crawler™ Long Arm Suspension is perfect for this type of offroading. Able to handle all types of desert and wilderness fun, whether it is fast, slow, crawl or anything else.

This is a must-do event. Be sure to put it on your calendar for 2017, it will be the first weekend in March. Fabtech will see you there.

tds-03 tds-02 tds-01


Fabtech Testing New 4-link Jeep Suspension


Product testing is a huge part of having a successful product line. Without testing the components that are designed, improvements are more difficult to sort out, innovations can fall short of their target and new ideas aren’t always realized. Fabtech takes their product testing very seriously.

jk-testing-06Fabtech is on the verge of a massive expansion in the Jeep aftermarket. New products and innovations are coming soon and they are going to be epic. Real world testing is done to make sure these products live up to the Fabtech reputation and the expectation of not only the customers but to the expectation of Fabtech’s talented Research and Development team. What all that means is, Fabtech spent another day out in the desert with a couple of their Jeeps, beating the rocks and twisting up their newest suspension designs.

Being based in southern California is a huge benefit when it comes to product testing. Having Johnson Valley, The Hammers and Cougar Buttes within a short distance gives the Fabtech team a world-class offroad playground that offers a wide variety of terrain. Bull Frog Trail was the initial target for this outing and both Jeeps performed as they should, flawlessly. While out there, the team also hit up Split Finger Trail and others.


The suspension systems on these two Jeep Wrangler Unlimiteds are still in development. Under both of these Jeeps is a new front 4-link (plus track bar) suspension that Fabtech is working on. A properly designed 4-link system results in reduced caster change from full bump contact to full droop. Less caster change equals better control, ride and predictability for the driver. From the driver’s seat, this suspension system gives a tighter feel through all of the range of motion, both on road and off. In addition to the improved movement, the 4-link provides more connections to the differential, adding strength in numbers to the already 5/16-inch thick link arms and 1/4-inch thick skid plates and crossmembers. Due to the nature of product testing and development, more information on the 4-link system will be available at a later date.

jk-testing-02Fabtech’s product development and testing is extensive. Countless hours are spent on the products before they are released to the world. There are many steps between concept and part sales; testing is an integral part of the process. Each step fine tunes the system and components into a top performer for all conditions.

For more information on the current product offerings and benefits from Fabtech, visit

Sierra Trek 2015 – Fabtech On The Trail Report

There are a lot of difficult trails in the United States, especially in the western regions. Big names like the Hammers and the Rubicon Trail tend to take the spot light for well known 4×4 trails. There are, however, lesser known trails that will certainly give them a run for their money. One such trail is the Fordyce Creek Trail.  


Situated northwest of Lake Tahoe, Fordyce Creek is a neighbor to the famous Rubicon Trail and is arguably a much more difficult trail. Rated 9 out of 10, the challenging trail encompasses twelve miles of twisting and turning through the California forest, bouncing off of boulders the entire way. The trail has five “Winch Hills” that are the most difficult portions. These obstacles are so named due to regularity of having to stretch out your winch line to get to the top. Officially, 33-inch tires and at least one locker are the absolute minimums, though 35-inch tires and two lockers are recommended.  

sierra-trek-03Fordyce Creek snakes along near the trail creating multiple water crossings throughout the trail and typically it is too high to be safely crossed. Water flows there can quickly change, potentially stranding vehicles between crossings. The best time to attempt the trail is in late September before the first snow fall. That is unless you attend the California Four Wheel Drive Association (Cal4Wheel) annual Sierra Trek.  



August 6-9, 2015 marked the 48th annual Sierra Trek for Cal4Wheel. Jeepers and Offroaders from all over the Country come to the Sierra Nevadas for an extended weekend filled with ‘wheeling and good times. Cal4Wheel works with Pacific Gas & Electric company (PG&E) to slow the water flows down to make the water crossings much more manageable. Considering the nearest town is about an hour and a half away, registration for the event includes most of your meals for the week-end as well as entertainment. Vendors and sponsors set up booths for attendees and spectators to browse. Fabtech took the opportunity and made the trip up from Chino, CA to enjoy what the region has to offer and display the Fabtech Jeeps and products.  


The Fabtech 2005 Jeep LJ Wrangler and 2015 Jeep JK Wrangler performed amazing throughout the entire trail. Fabtech utilized the event for field testing prototype rear coilover systems on both vehicles, which were already outfitted with Crawler Long Arm Suspensions and Dirt Logic Coilovers in the front. The rear Dirt Logic Coilovers increased wheel travel, smoothed the ride and kept the tires solidly in contact with the ground. Both Jeeps tackled the Winch Hills without needing to even think of getting the winch controller out. One of the local club members who was helping spot vehicles going through the tough sections even commented “those are the Fabtech guys, they know what they are doing.” And he was right. Fordyce is a challenging trail and the Fabtech components did exactly what they needed to do. The Fabtech Jeeps traversed the trail with ease and excitement.  


Experiencing the Sierra Trek and the Fordyce Creek Trail was incredible. Live music, a roaring bon fire and new friends helped make for an unforgettable event. For more information on the Sierra Trek as well as Cal4Wheel, head to We’ll see you there next year!

Check out the video here!

On The Trail Report: Big Bear Forest Fest

For the 18th year running, the Inland Empire 4 Wheelrs (IE4W) hosted their popular Forest Fest on June 19-21, 2015 in Big Bear, California. The event is held every year on Father’s Day weekend and this year was the biggest one yet.

big-bear-forest-fest-04Jeepers and offroaders from all over the region came to the Snow Valley Resort to enjoy the sights, sounds and trails around Big Bear Lake in the San Bernardino National Forest. Forest Fest is a very popular event that sells out early every year. More than 400 registered Jeeps, trucks and SUVs were signed up for organized trail runs that took trails such as John Bull, Gold Mountain, Dishpan Springs and Holcomb Creek. Over 1,000 spectators are estimated to have attended the vendor show and ride along in the registered vehicles.


Fabtech sponsored the event and jumped on the trails with everyone else. The Friday trail run took Fabtech and the others on the John Bull trail, heading from east to west. John Bull is considered the most difficult trail in the area and is not for stock or mild vehicles. Fabtech’s Jeeps, a 2015 JK Wrangler Unlimited and a 2005 LJ Wrangler Unlimited, handled the trail with ease. Both Jeeps have Fabtech’s Crawler Kits installed, using Dirt Logic shocks. The 2015 JK has Dirt Logic coilovers front and rear while the LJ utilizes Dirt Logic coilovers in the front and traditional coil with a smooth body Dirt Logic shock in the rear. On the second day of the event, the Fabtech team took the Jeeps on a mellower run with the crew from Redlands Motorsports on Gold Mountain trail. Though not as tough as John Bull, Gold Mountain has plenty to offer. Multiple stair step sections, fallen trees and tight switchbacks make it an exciting trail to run.


big-bear-forest-fest-05 Many companies came out to sponsor the event and partake in the Vendor Display on Friday and Saturday of the event. Customers and Industry friends of Fabtech helped make for an enjoyable experience. 4 West, Redlands Motorsports, Rebel Offroad, Magnaflow, sPod and Poison Spyder are just a few of the other companies in attendance. All of the sponsoring companies donate to the huge raffle that IE4W hosts on Saturday night. Lift kits, tires, bumpers and all sorts of other things were up for grabs if you had the right number on your raffle ticket. All proceeds of the event and extra raffle ticket sales go to helping IE4W keep the trails maintained and open to the public.

 The Big Bear Forest Fest is a “can’t miss” event. Fabtech will certainly be there again next year and we hope to see you there too. For more info, head to