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Fabtech 5 Ton Joint™

Fabtech has taken their 5 ton medium duty truck joint, with 15 years of proven use, and adapted it into a Jeep Link Arm joint. The Fabtech 5 Ton Joint™. A heavy duty forged housing that contains a proprietary spherical bearing that will never wear out while providing a quiet ride on the highway. Guaranteed. Yes, each 5 Ton Joint™ comes with a lifetime warranty against wearing out. Continue reading Fabtech 5 Ton Joint™


Fabtech Jeep JK Catalog

Recently, at the 50th Anniversary Moab Easter Jeep Safari, Fabtech debuted a new 55-page Jeep JK product catalog. Within those 55-pages of awesomeness is 60+ new JK Wrangler suspension kit combinations. Fabtech is not messing around. Fabtech is dedicated to the Jeep aftermarket. Continue reading Fabtech Jeep JK Catalog

Fabtech Testing New 4-link Jeep Suspension


Product testing is a huge part of having a successful product line. Without testing the components that are designed, improvements are more difficult to sort out, innovations can fall short of their target and new ideas aren’t always realized. Fabtech takes their product testing very seriously.

jk-testing-06Fabtech is on the verge of a massive expansion in the Jeep aftermarket. New products and innovations are coming soon and they are going to be epic. Real world testing is done to make sure these products live up to the Fabtech reputation and the expectation of not only the customers but to the expectation of Fabtech’s talented Research and Development team. What all that means is, Fabtech spent another day out in the desert with a couple of their Jeeps, beating the rocks and twisting up their newest suspension designs.

Being based in southern California is a huge benefit when it comes to product testing. Having Johnson Valley, The Hammers and Cougar Buttes within a short distance gives the Fabtech team a world-class offroad playground that offers a wide variety of terrain. Bull Frog Trail was the initial target for this outing and both Jeeps performed as they should, flawlessly. While out there, the team also hit up Split Finger Trail and others.


The suspension systems on these two Jeep Wrangler Unlimiteds are still in development. Under both of these Jeeps is a new front 4-link (plus track bar) suspension that Fabtech is working on. A properly designed 4-link system results in reduced caster change from full bump contact to full droop. Less caster change equals better control, ride and predictability for the driver. From the driver’s seat, this suspension system gives a tighter feel through all of the range of motion, both on road and off. In addition to the improved movement, the 4-link provides more connections to the differential, adding strength in numbers to the already 5/16-inch thick link arms and 1/4-inch thick skid plates and crossmembers. Due to the nature of product testing and development, more information on the 4-link system will be available at a later date.

jk-testing-02Fabtech’s product development and testing is extensive. Countless hours are spent on the products before they are released to the world. There are many steps between concept and part sales; testing is an integral part of the process. Each step fine tunes the system and components into a top performer for all conditions.

For more information on the current product offerings and benefits from Fabtech, visit

Dirt Logics On Jeeps

Fabtech has been building offroad suspension systems since 1989, right here in southern California. In that time, Fabtech realized the need for a specialized offroad race style shock that was not a universal piece. The Dirt Logic line of shocks came about so consumers could have shocks and coilovers that were specifically tuned to their vehicle, right off the shelf.

dirt-logic-225 Since then, the Dirt Logic shock line has exploded across the product offerings from Fabtech. Ford, GM, Dodge, Toyota, Nissan; all of them get to benefit from rebuildable race style shocks that are designed to work perfectly with their Fabtech suspension system and are valved exactly for their vehicle. Jeep is no exception.

dirt-logic-25-resi  Across nearly the entire range of Jeep products, Fabtech’s Dirt Logic shocks can be included. The traditional coil and shock applications use a 2.25-inch diameter shock body and the Coilover systems utilize a 2.5-inch body. The majority of the competition uses a 2.0-inch diameter body in their systems. The larger diameters of the Dirt Logic shock bodies provide better cooling and extended use. The stainless steel bodies, aluminum reservoirs and NitroSteel shafts make for a nearly indestructible combination.  Hand built in Chino, California, the attention to detail when built is unsurpassed.

Get over to the Jeep section of and see what you need to take your Jeep to the next level. No messing with shock tuning, no calculating spring rates, just high performance parts designed with your rig in mind.


LJ Wrangler Suspension Options from Fabtech


The 2004 to 2006 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited, more commonly known as the LJ, is a highly sought after Jeep. Sporting a 103.4-inch wheelbase, directly from the factory and all the typical TJ goodness, the LJ is an extremely capable vehicle in stock form. Add the Rubicon package and it is even better.

As with nearly any Jeep, the aftermarket has stepped up to boost the performance level even higher. Fabtech helped to pioneer the performance suspension segment with a multitude of systems designed to take you and your LJ anywhere you want to go.

Fabtech has put hundreds of hours into the research and development into Jeep suspension systems. A wide array of precision engineered and built components allow for Jeep owners to get exactly what they need. 6 and 8-inch Long arm options include both 5-link (4 plus track bar) front and rear as well as Radius arm front with wish bone rear. 4-inch short arm kits are available for those looking to keep their Jeep lower. Dirt Logic Coilover conversions, Stealth Monotube shocks and Performance shocks give buyers options that fit their budget and performance requirements.

Step up your game and run with the big kids, get your Jeep set up with a Fabtech suspension. For more information on Fabtech’s suspension systems for LJ Wranglers and other Jeeps, visit



Fabtech’s 5-inch Crawler System for JK Wrangler Unlimiteds

5 Inch Crawler Long Arm Suspension

Fabtech has been building performance suspension systems for Jeeps for many years. Designed and built right here in California, the Fabtech kits will transform your Jeep from a relatively useful stock vehicle to a trail dominating machine that will take you anywhere you want to go.

fabtech-jk-crawler-03The ever popular JK Wrangler Unlimited is easily one of the most popular Jeeps there has ever been. Fabtech’s 5” Crawler System will take your JKU to the next level and keep you there with extremely well thought out and tested design and quality. A proven radius arm design allows the front differential to twist and flex over any obstacle while keeping exceptional alignment geometry for perfect road manners. The 5-link rear suspension design keeps the rear differential in contact with the ground in even the most flexed out positions. Both the front and rear suspension designs are perfectly suited for low speed crawling, high speed trail running and cruising the streets and highways.

The crossmembers are built from 1/4” thick steel plate and the control arms are built from 5/16” thick wall tubing so you don’t have to worry about bending or breaking any of the components. Each of the kits are designed for minimal cutting and welding during installation for a cleaner and easier experience all while keeping race inspired components for top performance.


Fabtech suspension systems have multiple levels for shocks. The base twin-tube hydraulic Performance Shock is a good entry level unit. Stealth Monotube nitrogen charged shocks give a good balance between value and performance. The Fabtech built Dirt Logic race inspired shocks are designed for extreme duty performance and are fully rebuildable. Step up to Dirt Logic Coilovers to take your JK to the top of the food chain.

Head to the main website to learn more about the Fabtech 5” Crawler Suspension System and check out the Fabtech YouTube channel to see this suspension in action on Fabtech’s black 2015 JKU.

Step up your game and jump into the big leagues with a Fabtech suspension system for you Jeep Wrangler.