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Video: Sierra Trek 2015

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Video: Pumpkin Eater Trail In Stoddard Wells OHVA

fabtech-jeep-pumpkin-eater-prerun-03The Stoddard Wells Off Highway Vehicle (OHV) Area is riddled with crisscrossing trails and dirt roads that create a network of offroad tracks for the public to enjoy. Just outside Barstow, California in the Mojave Desert, Stoddard Wells is a 53,000 acre open riding haven. Filled with sandy washes and scenic dirt roads, the OHV area also offers an array of challenging 4 wheel drive trails. One of these trails has been named Pumpkin Eater.

The majority of the 4×4 trails in the area have been rated on a 1 to 5 scale, 5 being the hardest, to describe their difficulty. Pumpkin Eater is rated at 4.5, making it one of the most difficult trails in Stoddard Wells. The tall dry waterfall, countless large boulders and loose terrain will keep your attention through the entire trip. Fabtech recently got the opportunity to run a couple of their Jeeps along the trail. Check out the highlights of the excursion in the video below.


Both Jeeps that ran the trail are utilizing Fabtech 5-inch Crawler Kits with Dirt Logic Coilovers in the front and rear. In several places, lockers are a must and good tires, like the BFGoodrich Krawlers, give you the grip you need in the ever-changing terrain. The bolt-on Fabtech suspension kits flexed the Jeeps around the rocks with ease. The Dirt Logic Coilovers gave the right amount of support and valving to allow the suspension to do what it does and kept the vehicle stable.

Click HERE for more information on the Fabtech Crawler kits used on these Jeeps.


Moab Easter Jeep Safari 2015 – Potato Salad Hill


A popular spot in Moab, Utah is Potato Salad Hill. Spectators and drivers alike can enjoy the mini-playground set up centered around a large and lumpy hill with a massive amount of different lines available to travel up or down. The terrain is typical to Moab; hard boulders firmly planted in the earth. The built in stair steps make this a precarious obstacle for short wheel base or stock vehicles. The hill is a lot of white-knuckle fun for anyone with the grit to make a go at it. Many vehicles have rolled over attempting to travel up the hill over the years; typically they tumble a few times before they come to a rest at the bottom.

moab-2015-potato-salad-hill-headerFabtech couldn’t pass up the chance to run our JK Wranglers up Potato Salad Hill. Check out the video below to see how the Fabtech Jeep suspension systems help our Rubicon Unlimited Wranglers walk right up the rocks with ease.

Moab Easter Jeep Safari 2015 – Area BFE

Moab, Utah offers an expansive network of trails to take your Jeep or off-road vehicle on. Many of them are spread out across the region and have varying types of terrain. With constant pressure to keep trails open to the public, some local off-roaders decided they’d had enough. In 2004, a 320 acre plot of land was purchased and Area BFE was born.

IMG_2846The new owners are avid members of the off-road and Jeep community. They decided they wanted a place to be able to wheel their vehicles without worry that it may get closed. Privately owned, Area BFE is open to the public 365 days a year and completely free to enter and use. A fabricated steel statue was set up near the entrance to accept donations. The private group uses off-road industry sponsors, special events and merchandise sales to keep the gates open.

Area BFE offers a vast amount of trail miles for every type off 4 wheel drive vehicle. One of the many trails in the park is Strike Ravine. Listed with a beginner to intermediate trail rating, this moderate trail offers a scenic loop of the off-road park. The world famous and difficult Helldorado trail is also within the borders of Area BFE, requiring a minimum of 37-inch tires, lockers front and rear and a winch. Fabtech got the opportunity to enjoy the playground while in Moab for the 2015 Easter Jeep Safari. While there, Fabtech spent time in the Test Zones (also known as Competition Alley) to twist up the two Fabtech JK Unlimiteds. Competition Alley is a section of the off-road park that has had man-made concrete additions added to the terrain. Large ledges, off-camber climbs and exciting obstacles make for perfect teaching, testing and bash around fun zone.

Check out this video for some of the Fabtech action in Competition Alley. You can get more info on the trails on Area BFE at For more info on Fabtech suspension systems, please visit