Fabtech Live Blog: Warn Trail Run

Fabtech is lined up and ready to go out on the Warn Winch Trail Run! The Warn folks have picked an awesome trail for today. We are running Porcupine Rim and it will be a ton of fun. 

If you are here in Moab and you see us, come say hello! 


Fabtech Live Blog: Jp Dirt N Drive, Day Two!

Today was day 2, and final day, of the inaugural Jp Dirt N Drive. This epic adventure kept Fabtech cruising the dirt on the way to the most epic Jeep event in the world, the 50th Anniversary Easter Jeep Safari.

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Fabtech Live Blog: Day in the Dirt!

Hundreds of miles were logged for Fabtech today on the Jp Dirt N Drive. Everyone is a bit dirty but we’re all grinning from ear to ear. The day was spent twisting through canyons, running ridge lines and flinging sand. A perfect way to spend the day.

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Fabtech Live Blog: Jp Dirt N Drive heading out!

Good morning! Fabtech is ready to head out for the first leg of our pilgrimage to to Moab Easter Jeep Safari 2016. First stop, highway drive to Mesquite, Nevada where we’ll hit the dirt. 



Fabtech Live Blog: First Night

The Jp Dirt N Drive is officially kicked off! Fabtech is stoked to be a part of this inaugural event. Earlier we had the Drivers meeting with Rick Pewe; he got us all prepped and ready to go. 

We are bedding down here at Sam’s Town Hotel and Casino here in Las Vegas, though we need to be ready to go by 7am tomorrow. So we won’t be causing too much of a ruckus tonight. 

Tomorrow, we hit the road and find some dirt!



Fabtech Live Blog: We’re here! Mostly…

Today’s adventures got half the Fabtech team all the way in to Moab, Utah. The Toterhome was set up in the Spanish Trails Arena, getting ready for the vendor show case Thursday and Friday. 

The balance of the team landed at Sam’s Town Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada for the inaugural Jp Dirt N Drive event. Today is a vendor day for Jeep, Bestop, Daystar and Voodoo rope to show off their goods. Tomorrow morning, the 75+ Jeeps will head north towards Utah. 

Stay tuned!



Fabtech Live Blog: Road Travelin’

Passed through Las Vegas and heading north!

“We’ve got a long way to go and a short time to get there!”