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Fabtech’s Rear Coilover Conversion In Jp Magazine

Recently, the Fabtech crew did a fresh install of the new Coilover Conversion for the rear of a JK Wrangler with Jp Magazine journalist Matt Emery standing by to snap pictures and get the full scoop for a story. That story went live on the Four Wheeler Network and Jp Magazine websites. The story will be in the print copy of Jp Magazine in the coming months.

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Fabtech Featured in Book About Modifying Your Jeep Suspension

61GTN+PSR7L__SX388_BO1,204,203,200_Occasionally, the most popular magazines will publish full books that become a definitive resource for ways to build your vehicle. One such publication was Jp Magazine’s “How to Modify Your Jeep Chassis and Suspension for Off-Road”.

When the book naturally goes to a section on Monster Travel for your TJ, Fabtech is the first entry. Covering 2 pages, writer Christian Hazel discusses the components, features, specs and requirements for adding a Fabtech Long Arm system to your TJ.

The book is now out of print but it still widely available  through online retailers such as Amazon and others. Click here to get a preview of it. Fabtech can be found on pages 31 and 32.