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Fabtech’s 2016 Moab Easter Jeep Safari Experience

Now that the dust has settled from an amazing week in Moab, Utah for the 50th anniversary Easter Jeep Safari, it is time to reflect on the adventures. Every year, thousands of Jeepers from around the world congregate in what some call the mecca of the Jeep lifestyle. On every trail, on every road and around every turn were more Jeeps. Just about every Jeep was represented. Restored and modified Jeeps of every model year, Jeepsters, Cherokees and Wranglers were abundant. Continue reading Fabtech’s 2016 Moab Easter Jeep Safari Experience


Fabtech Live Blog: Almost ready

Fabtech has been working on final preparations for the 2016 Easter Jeep Safari.

New Jeep catalogs – check.

New Product Displays – check.

Jeeps decked out and ready to explore the red rocks of Moab – check.

Here is a peek at a display piece you’ll see when you come by the Fabtech booth…

Tomorrow, the Fabtech rig will start heading to Utah. The day after, a small section of the Fabtech crew will be taking their 2014 JKUR along for the Jp Dirt N Drive. You’ll be getting pictures and updates of both journeys!

Stay tuned for more!

On The Trail Report: Easter Jeep Safari In Moab, Utah

IMG_2846Moab, Utah is well known to be a Mecca to Jeepers around the world and the annual Easter Jeep Safari brings in thousands of Jeeps every single year from around the Country. The event also brings in international adventurers who want to experience the American Jeep and off-road culture first hand. Fabtech joined the ranks for the 2015 event and made a pilgrimage to the 49th Annual Easter Jeep Safari hosted by Red Rock 4 Wheelers off-road club.

The event spanned from March 28, 2015 on through to April 5, 2015. The Fabtech adventure began a few days prior to allow for ample time to make the drive from Chino, California to eastern Utah. The goals were simple. Show off the capability and durability of the Fabtech Jeep products, enjoy the camaraderie of the Jeep culture and have fun. Two simple words can wrap the entire experience. Objectives achieved.IMG_2752 IMG_2625

The days prior to the vendor show were spent in the dirt. Moab offers an expansive collection of trails; there wasn’t much difficulty in staying busy. The Fabtech crew lead themselves on a few self guided tours of trails such as Kane Creek and Steel Bender. Additionally, the team took the two JK Wranglers over to a popular spectator spot named Potato Salad Hill and local off-road playground Area BFE to throw in a variety of obstacles. Mid-week, Fabtech gladly joined a group trail run sponsored by 4 Wheel Parts and another sponsored by Warn Industries. The 4 Wheel Parts trip ran through the sandstone ledges of Metal Masher and got a view of Arches National Park. An exciting obstacle within the Metal Masher trail is Rock Chucker, an eclectic combination of ledges and boulders. This section of the trail does have a bypass that nearly all of the 50+ vehicles utilized. The newly built Fabtech 2015 JK Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon handled it with ease. One other brave sole stepped up to the plate behind the successful Fabtech attempt. The second Jeep that Fabtech brought to Moab was a tried and true Fabtech 2007 Jeep JK Wrangler Unlimited and it tackled Behind The Rocks with the Warn group. Behind The Rocks carves an interesting path of sandstone domes, ledges and boulders along Moab Rim. Both Jeeps performed flawlessly through the entire week.

DE2A4155Mission accomplished. Fabtech components are engineered and manufactured here in the United States; the design and quality outshines the competition. The week spent in Moab clearly proves the Fabtech bolt-on suspension systems can outperform even the most specialized custom built suspension components. Stay tuned for more info on each of the Fabtech Jeeps, detailed information of the Fabtech Jeep suspension kits and more On The Trail reports. Be sure to head to www.fabtechmotorsports.com to see all the latest products.


Moab Easter Jeep Safari 2015 – Potato Salad Hill


A popular spot in Moab, Utah is Potato Salad Hill. Spectators and drivers alike can enjoy the mini-playground set up centered around a large and lumpy hill with a massive amount of different lines available to travel up or down. The terrain is typical to Moab; hard boulders firmly planted in the earth. The built in stair steps make this a precarious obstacle for short wheel base or stock vehicles. The hill is a lot of white-knuckle fun for anyone with the grit to make a go at it. Many vehicles have rolled over attempting to travel up the hill over the years; typically they tumble a few times before they come to a rest at the bottom.

moab-2015-potato-salad-hill-headerFabtech couldn’t pass up the chance to run our JK Wranglers up Potato Salad Hill. Check out the video below to see how the Fabtech Jeep suspension systems help our Rubicon Unlimited Wranglers walk right up the rocks with ease.