Video: Sierra Trek 2015

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Moab Easter Jeep Safari 2015 – Potato Salad Hill


A popular spot in Moab, Utah is Potato Salad Hill. Spectators and drivers alike can enjoy the mini-playground set up centered around a large and lumpy hill with a massive amount of different lines available to travel up or down. The terrain is typical to Moab; hard boulders firmly planted in the earth. The built in stair steps make this a precarious obstacle for short wheel base or stock vehicles. The hill is a lot of white-knuckle fun for anyone with the grit to make a go at it. Many vehicles have rolled over attempting to travel up the hill over the years; typically they tumble a few times before they come to a rest at the bottom.

moab-2015-potato-salad-hill-headerFabtech couldn’t pass up the chance to run our JK Wranglers up Potato Salad Hill. Check out the video below to see how the Fabtech Jeep suspension systems help our Rubicon Unlimited Wranglers walk right up the rocks with ease.